Lübbecke, Germany – After a challenging hiatus due to a broken collarbone sidelining our driver Johannes Wittenbeck, the chargebyte Wittenbeck e-Rally Team made an impressive return to the ADAC Opel Electric Rally Cup at the Rallye Stemweder Berg. The two-day event proved to be a test of resilience and determination as the team fought their way back into competition.

The journey began on Friday, where the team faced the daunting task of finding their rhythm again after an absence of 2.5 months and missing out on two rallies. The initial stages were a struggle as they searched for the “throttle and brake pedal” Johannes said, gradually reacquainting themselves with their rally car.

Saturday marked a significant turnaround, as the duo Wittenbeck and Koke regained their confidence and rallied their way back to the field. It was a marked improvement from their earlier performance, and they managed to claw their way back into contention within the highly competitive ADAC Opel Electric Rally Cup teams.

One of the remarkable aspects of this rally was the incredible level of competition. On stage 8, a mere 13 seconds separated the first and last cars on the stage time, highlighting the intense competition in this championship.

This event marked the 7th run of the championship, and it took place in the scenic surroundings of Lübbecke. The race drew participants from across Europe, creating a diverse and talented field.

In a thrilling race, Swedish driver Calle Carlberg clinched victory, closely followed by the German ace Max Reiter, and the Austrian sensation Luca Pröglhöf secured third place. With this win, Calle Carlberg extended his championship lead to 17 points ahead of Max Reiter as they head into the final round.

The chargebyte Wittenbeck e-Rally Team, who are starting under the license of the ADAC Südbayern, ultimately secured the 9th position out of 12 starters, showcasing their commitment to overcoming adversity. With their newfound confidence and the experience gained from this rally, they are setting their sights on the upcoming Central European Rally in Passau, the 8th and final race of the championship.
Co-pilot Christian Koke expressed their optimism for the final races, saying that the “confidence was back in action!”