Chargebyte Wittenbeck e-Rally Unveils First Rally Car Design for the 2023 Season

Munich, Germany – The chargebyte Wittenbeck e-Rally Team is thrilled to unveil its first rally car design for the 2023 season, just two days before the first run of the ADAC Opel Electric Rally Cup in Sulingen. The main color of the car is the vibrant hue of chargebyte, the proud name sponsor.

The team has also incorporated a design that perfectly suits the theme of their sponsor. The car features conducting paths on the side of the design, showcasing a PCB of a charge controller. In addition, they have the support of BRT Fahrwerk, Autosalon Faber, Fahrschule Heppel, and the Beschriftungswerbstatt, who helped with the car wrapping.

The crew is thrilled to take their new rally car to the track this week, and they can’t wait to compete in the upcoming ADAC Opel Electric Rally Cup. The first race will take place from Thursday to Saturday, with Shakedown training on Thursday, Stage 1 on Friday, and Stage 2 on Saturday.

“It was a lot of effort to build up our team, but we are ready to fight,” said the rally driver Johannes Wittenbeck. “We’re excited to see how our car performs on the roads and can’t wait to share our progress with fans on our website and Instagram account.”